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Email marketing is a powerful direct marketing strategy that involves sending commercial message to a group of people or potential customers/clients using email. Email marketing is an inexpensive way of communicating profitable or fund raising messages to your audience. Over the years, Email marketing has emerged as the most effective digital marketing strategy for getting new clients or communicating with the existing customer base.

Organizations are using email marketing as one of the most potential marketing tool available for communicating with the people and as an economical mode and means to reach wide range of customers. As an online marketing tactic, email marketing is quite cheaper and faster than traditional mail through which advertisers can reach substantial numbers of email subscribers who had made a choice of receiving communications on subjects of interest to them. Companies are reaching to their targeted audience or customers by sending highly targeted content quickly, easily and at minimal cost.

Digital email marketing enables eCommerce businesses a higher response rate and higher average order value when compared with other modes of digital marketing services. Businesses get good return on investment through email marketing services. It is estimated that about 85% of business to business or B2B marketers are using email marketing as one of the important digital marketing services.

Digital Simha email marketing services creates engagement –

Digital Simha email marketing services provides the best email marketing services that benefits customers in finding out new dealers, agents, production promotion, channel partners by sending eBooks, white papers, newsletters, subscription lists etc. Our email marketing application helps businesses in getting full attributed, supervised email marketing solution that not only connects but also preserves continuous communication with their customers, clients and members. Digital Simha real time insights into your campaigns and contacts provides the following advantages that include-

  • Complete personalization through your contact preferences.
  • SMS/Text Messaging to your contacts and tracking the interactions and responses to your SMS campaigns
  • Thousands of integrations available in the form of Word press, ecommerce platforms, CRMs, webinars, payment systems etc
  • Real time spam prevention by keeping out poor senders out ensuring targeted deliverability.
  • Campaign archiving that lets viewers to get access to mailing list and other related benefits
  • Our automation tools are designed to help our customers to streamline their campaigns and in saving time with scheduled sends.
  • Managed deliverability is our USP as we focus on pre-emptive actions to ensure that the emails are delivered.